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Presse orizzontali universali

They are defined “universal” because, thanks to their simple system for changing the tools, they can be used for several applications on any type of material.
Apollo horizontal presses are hydraulic machines manufactured in 4 models ranging from 17- 32 – 40 – and 62 tons.
The tools are changed in a few seconds thanks to quick fixing bolts.
The thrust cylinder is directly installed on the same work axis of the tools to let the machine fully exploit its power.
The slide, which is made of chilled cast iron, runs on hardened and rectified prismatic guides and is complete with automatic lubrication system.
The solid platforms, which are heat-treated, are crushproof over time and guarantee that no clearance takes place within the guide group.
Apollo presses can be added to automated processes; they can be connected to a CNC feeder to punch and shear parts sequentially according to a programme
previously entered by means of a keyboard.
If equipped with our SPEEDY feeding system, they turn into a semiautomatic plant able to offer various bending and punching applications for flat bars and profiles.

Apollo universal horizontal presses can perform various working processes thanks to a wide range of tools most of which are available in stock.

• Bending various bar sections
• Punching single and multiple holes on bars
• Moulding bars and small sheet plates
• Shearing bars, flat bars, angles and tubular profiles
• Bending tubes with and without core
• Notching tubes by 45° and 90°
• Bending small sheet boxes

Recently, Apollo has designed and manufactured a series of tools for processing copper bars for which there is high demand on the market especially
from electric panel and photovoltaic system manufacturers.
If equipped with our “SPEEDY” positioning system, our presses turn into a semi-automatic plant for processing mass-produced parts and punching flat
bars and tubular profiles made of different types of material.

In the basic tool for shearing and punching multiple holes, both punch holding and die holding inserts can be replaced in a few seconds without using any screw or bolt.
This way it is possible to simply change the number of coupled holes transversally preset.
By inserting the pair of shearing inserts on the shearing tool, it is possible to shear flat bars with no bar deformation.

We can supply a new tool for automatically adjusting the preset bending angle.
In combination with our “Speedy” programmable feedback device, bends and distance between bends can be obtained in a single working programme with high precision

The picture above shows some of the various working processes
our machines can make by simply replacing the tools

If equipped with our "Speedy" programmable feedback system, Apollo horizontal
presses become a real CNC work station for bending and punching bars.
Our Speedy system can be provided in various lengths ranging between 1 and 7 m.
It has a stop precision of ± 2 mm.
In the programmer it is possible to activate the scan of the feedback system; when the
bar to bend is secured between the punch and the core, the feedback system moves
some millimetres back, thus allowing the bar to be bent without forcing against the stop
device of the Speedy.

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